Black Moon Lilith in the Fifth House – Dark Creation

Those who have Lilith in their fifth house, it will manifest in terms of children, creativity, pleasure, as well as, sexuality. It will be felt as if life has either warped or denied all these pleasures.

If this has been the case, then you have grown up rather quickly. You have been denied your innocence, the charm of a free childhood. This is why people with Lilith in their fifth house often decide to let go of their wants to produce children, mainly because they fear that they won’t be able to protect their child from worldly turmoil. Not just this, people with this placement also have a fear that even if they have a child, their darkness will be bestowed upon their child, and they don’t want that to happen. In case, people with Lilith in their fifth house do have kids, they become overly protective of their kids. They want to make sure that their child’s innocence is protected at any cost.

The fifth house is the house of sexuality. Lilith wants to be free; she wants to be independent. Lilith wants to explore pleasure and sexuality in a way that will please her; however, she was rather hurt, pressed, and dismissed. With Lilith in this placement, a person might have felt hurt in terms of sexuality. Whatever the case be, the end purpose is to take back the power and confront and control your sexuality as you want.

Apart from sex and children, the fifth house also rules creativity. The fifth house encourages human beings to know their artistic side and bring something new to the universe. But Lilith in the fifth house has made you cynical. When you should have been able to express your artistic side, your expectations were never met.

These are just a few things that can happen with Lilith in the fifth house. For those who have Lilith in their fifth house, we have a few pieces of advice. Don’t consider pleasure to be frivolous. It is your birthright to be happy and enjoy pleasure like you want to. Also, don’t create out of pressure or because you want others to be happy. Create when you are ready, and for your own happiness. Life is good if you allow it to be good.

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