Mars is rising after 3 months to be more powerful

Mars is currently going through a weaker state of combustion in Virgo sign. However, at 06.36 am on 23rd October 2019, Mars will rise in the east, and will become powerful yet again. The weaker combustion of Mars happened on the 12th July 2019, and for more than three months, Mars remained powerless. As per Indian astrology, Mars is related to vitality and energy. This planet is given the status of commander. This transit will yield favourable results to Sagittarius, Scorpio, Cancer, and Aries signs. For Aries moon sign, Vipreet Raaj Yog will be created, and this zodiac sign will see benefits without any fail. Aries will become more energetic; they will become free from health issues, and will also overcome enemies.

Cancers will see an auspicious transit where they will yield satisfactory results of all the hard work they have done so far, and there will be a reduction in obstacles as well. The mutual aspect between Saturn and Mars might stretch things a bit longer, but Cancer will see satisfactory results for sure. Scorpios, the rising of Mars will bring good changes in your life. You will be relieved from family and financial issues, and these changes will lead to good possibilities. Mars will be moving to the 11th house, which will allow the steady inflow of funds.

For Sagittarius moon sign natives, the transition will take place in the tenth house. The tenth house is the house of profession, which means Sagittarius will be able to spread their wings in career front. You will also see some profitable projects knocking on the door, which will soon bring in positive changes in your balance sheet.

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