New Moon in Scorpio

The new moon in Scorpion will activate the conjunction of Mars-Saturn-Antares of the last August. But what is important to note here is that the luminaries will be in an exact T-square. The lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu will be in the 4/10 axis of the USA chart. During this new moon in Scorpio, the first planet to rise is Saturn. Few things that will take place during this new moon in Scorpio are emotional imbalance and trauma, cultural disturbances, political conspiracies, war, terror, and other kinds of human-made events that will create a lot of troubles all over the world.

On the personal front, you will see a lot of things shaking up. This is the time for you to embrace some changes. People who are looking for consistency in life, you might be up for a rocky ride. During this time, you need to try your best to remain flexible. Allow changes to happen, and accept them as they come to you even if you don’t know what the repercussions are going to be. The more you will be open to changes, the better it is going to be for the upcoming year. You might see yourself to be following a completely different path in life. In terms of relationship, it would be better for you and your partner to try out new things.

You never know what will happen to the external world, but what is crucial for you is to have some peace in life. Try to create some balance in your life. It is always better to know about astral energies and how it is going to affect you and your life. These things can help you identify the type of things that are going to occur, not to remind you of the bad things that may take place, but about the way you can align things and balance your life. The current new moon in Scorpio can help you see your life in a better way. You will be able to examine things that you fear for the most. You will learn to let go. This will allow you to have a better life. You will become more positive, forgiving, and will have peace in your life.

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