Hong Kong Astrology Predictions

In the year 1997, on July 1st at midnight was born a new nation: Hong Kong. This country came in as a Sun Cancer country. Tied to the past, family, roots, patriotic, and heritage, these were the traits of this new nation. 

Hong Kong was returned to China by British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on a decided date. The Sun is in the 8 of Cancer, which is one degree away from the quincunx along with Uranus at 7th of Aquarius. 

If Hong Kong was a human being, she would be someone tied up to her past. Now because Hong Kong is a nation, this nation is tied up to her mother country, which in this case is Great Britain, and prior to that, the pre-communist China. Hong Kong is all about diversity, equality, and community. 

People who are born in the year 1997 are now the new students who protest in Hong Kong. They don’t have any interest in one gender/one race dictatorship or leadership. Well, this is the reason why Generation Aquarius and Hong Kong are exploding. 

The separation from China in the year 2021

As per astrology, when Jupiter and Saturn will move its place to 7, 8 Aquarius will be followed by Pluto at 7 in the year 2021, the world will see the series of first tie-up reals with China. The timing will seem to be pretty accurate, as Hong will become a new nation, or else a reimagined version of UNs and the ruling planet at this time will be Aquarius. You can imagine that the old mother country will be there, which is Great Britain. 

The new trade groups and Hong Kong 

It has been predicted that when Jupiter will come back to 21 Aquarius, and with Saturn and Pluto moving to 21 as well, the world will witness the final break from the Chinese rule. The breakup will start in the year 2021, and the process will continue in 2023 and beyond. This movement is not going away anytime sooner. 

Pluto will also be moving through Uranus at 7 Aquarius, Jupiter will also be shifting to 21 Aquarius by the year 2029, and by 2037 Hong Kong will emerge as an influential new collective of nations. The world will also see some new-style businesses and trade. 

The first break with China 

Once Jupiter will start moving to 7 Aquarius, the world will begin seeing the revolution against the Chinese set and rules. 

The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus that will happen in the Hong Kong chart will bring in a lot of changes, not just to this nation, but to the entire world. However, once Jupiter will move to 8 Aquarius, the colonial sense of Hong Kong British will return. 

Hong Kong’s financial revolution 

Let’s assume that Hong Kong was born is 00.00 am, so that will have her Moon at the 19th Taurus. 23rd Taurus will have the part of fortune. The second house of banking, currency, property, business, land value is the theme of this house.

Be ready to see some historic cycles returning. The triple transit of Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter will be in place of Aquarius, not just this Uranus will head towards the Moon of Honk Kong, and this symbolizes the share market of Hong Kong, which is also the part of the fortune. 

By 2023, once the Uranus is on the 19th of Taurus, and then at 23 of Taurus, Hong Kong will see a massive amount of radical changes in terms of economy for the first time. 

Position of the Sun and Mercury in Cancer 

In 2019-2020 Hong Kong’s Sun at 8th Cancer, and then her Mercury at 14th Cancer, are going through certain historical attacks. This is the time for Capricorn weather, and it will clash with the fundamental nature of hers. 

November and December will be the moment of truth

The South Node of Karma will be crossing 8th of Capricorn, while the North Node will reach 8the Cancer, which will reveal some past life debts and credits. This is going to be the moment of truth for Hong Kong. In the months of November and December 2019, the Sun of Hong Kong will be in Cancer. 

Luck will come to Hong Kong much later

The ones who will be demanding freedom and new democracy will be asked by those who will become the new age generation of Aquarius. And this will all begin by the end of December 2020. The luck of Hong Kong will come into the picture much later. All these changes will bring in a lot of changes in terms of real estate, manufacturing, trade, and also taxation. And we will all witness it in just a few years.

Late 2020 is the end of the Capricorn era

The Neptune at 29th Capricorn will show Hong Kong the real success and status and will help Hong Kong to escape from the real world. In 2020, you can expect to see some bubbles getting smashed in a very spectacular way! And this will happen when Saturn crosses 29th Capricorn. By the final quarter of 2020, Hong Kong will see some changes in terms of business and banks. This will be the reality check for this nation. Once we arrive in December 2020, Hong Kong will become the hotbed of revolution and rebellion. This will be led by people who are in their twenties, and these people operate the network. 

Pluto will be crossing 29 Capricorn by 2023, and this is the time that will allow Hong Kong to see the end of the old Hong Kong. This the time when Chinese establishment, the high-rise towers of the property of developers, all of that will see changes. However, it is never easy for any nation to come back from that. 

Hong Kong’s karma 

There is a lot more to reveal about Hong Kong’s horoscope, however, let’s not talk about the democracy protestors, and wish them a good year ahead as the New Age of Aquarius will come into the picture. We bet prime minister P.M Margaret Thatcher has no clue about the underlying meaning of astrology of the time 1st July 1997.

As per Hong Kong’s chart, we can see Pluto be on the 3rd of Sagittarius. This is the time for foreigners, travelers, ex-pats, holidays, and even migration. Once the South Node of karma enters the 3rd of Sagittarius, the long-standing reputation of Hong Kong as white bankers, along with being the tourist hub of Asia, will be under proper examination. 

Giving Hong Kong back to Great Britain

Hong Kong has her part of fortune, that is her finance, fortune, and fate at 23rd Taurus. What will surprise you is that the United Kingdom also has her Ceres at the 23rd of Taurus. Now, that’s the perfect match. Can we see Hong Kong returning to Great Britain, probably not legally, but financially and spiritually yes!

By 13th May 2024, Uranus will move to the 23rd of Taurus. This is the time when the entire world will see radical new direction both for Hong Kong and Great Britain. There will be certain changes in terms of cryptocurrency, business system, and a new kind of baking. You are bound to see some shocking results. 

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