It’s (Not Even Close to) the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

The vernal equinox is going to coincide with Aries at about 285 CE. This is the time when both the zodiacs seem to be aligned. However, what you need to know is that through the slow movement of the equinoxes, the vernal point has always been moving westward, which is the backward position against the star’s framework. The slow-motion of the equinoxes has happened because of the gravitational attraction of the Sun, as well as the Sun on the earth’s equatorial bulge. This causes the earth to tremble and its axis. It is similar to a cone, which makes it look like a spinning top. This results in the celestial equator moving towards the celestial sphere. However, the ecliptic somehow doesn’t get affected by this movement at all. 

The equinoxes which will lie at the juncture of the ecliptic and celestial equator will slowly move on the celestial sphere. Likewise, the celestial poles will start to rotate on the celestial sphere. This leads to a continuous change in the star, or else close to any of the poles. This is has happened after a long gap of 25,800 years, and at the same point. Once done, these points will get separated by one degree from each other. 

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