Importance of Third House in Horoscope

The third house in the horoscope is related to intelligence, creativity, siblinghood, voyages, habits, communication, inclinations, and interests. The role of the third house is to uncover the connection between your creative, as well as mental capabilities. Basically, the third house takes care of how you engage with people, and exchange information with them. Not just human communication, the third house also rules over all modes of communications, such as telegraphy, social media, radio, TV, telephone, and more. The third house can assess someone’s courage and valor and is known as Sahaj Bhava.

The communication that takes place in the third house mostly happens with younger siblings and neighbors. The way a human harness communication to understand what the other person is saying or adapt to the surroundings falls under the realm of the third house. The third house governs the way a human mind thinks, processes the thoughts, and finally shares the information received to adjust to the environment.

Professions related to travel and communication, such as railway, tourism, transport, broadcast, internet, information technology, libraries, writing, publishing, journalism, and media fall under the domain of the third house. There are body parts as well that are governed by the third house, and they are hands, throat, arms, right ear, nervous system, collar bone, and shoulder blade.

It is the third house that keeps you close to your immediate environment and enhances your social circle relationship. The third house lets you work on your communication skills to bond with your siblings, the first social connection that a person forms after parents, where an individual happens to compromise at times to adjust to the surroundings and environment.

The third house is related to Gemini, which is the third sign in the zodiac. Mercury, as we know, also governs communication and intellect, and Mercury is the natural signifier of this house. If the third house of a person is strong and in conjunction with another strong and effective house, then the person will become very hardworking. He or she will also get support from their brothers, sisters, and friends.

However, if there are inauspicious planets conjoining with the third house, in this situation, the native will suffer great losses in terms of siblings and friends. If the third house is affected by Rahu Ketu, the native will mostly face life problems, such as tension in a relationship, inability to communicate appropriately, and so on.

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