Compatibility Between Two Individuals

In the Hindu religion, marriage is considered to be the most auspicious ceremony. This is a ritual where two individuals take an oath to be together and support one another, no matter how hard life becomes for them. Along with being an extremely pure and auspicious occasion, it is also said that matches are fixed in heaven by the almighty. During the ceremony, we greet and pray Lord Vishnu for his blessings and sit in front of the holy fire. Everyone prays for the wellbeing of the pair and for their everlasting relationship.

Getting married to someone you don’t know could be a little intimidating, but the promise the couple make to look after one another during the marriage allows the two people to carry on with their lives. Vedic astrology can help two people know whether they are suitable for one another or not. You can say that astrology works as a matchmaker. Just like in Western culture, where the emphasis is given on the star signs, Indian astrology takes stars and the moon signs under consideration while looking at the compatibility degree of two individuals.

There are four moon signs, and they are water, air, fire, and finally, earth. Individuals born with the fire sign are said to have temperament issues and may have problems like short temperaments. But they also have a lot of fire and passion within themselves. People born under the earth sign are said to be laid back, and they are very practical in nature. Air sign people are intuitive and anxious. While water signs are those, who are friendly and are very passionate. Water signs are also great listeners.

As per our zodiac signs, three of the zodiac signs have water as their moon sign, three of them will have the earth as the moon sign, three will have air as their moon sign, and the last three will have fire as the moon sign. Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo fall under the fire sign. Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra fall under the air sign, Capricorn, Virgo, and Taurus have the earth as the moon sign, and finally, water sign belongs to Pieces, Scorpio, and Cancer.

The characteristics of each of the moon signs, along with the features of the zodiac sign, play a significant role in deciding which pair will work and which won’t. Along with the astrological importance, nature, personality, and the characteristics of the person will also play some crucial role. These things will enable a couple to decide whether they should be together or not.

Another essential thing to keep in mind is the place of Mars in the natal chart. Mars is considered to be the reason for separation and isolation in someone’s life. Someone who is Manglik needs to follow some rituals before he or she gets married. Astrology can show you the path that you should follow, and also tell you about what kind of life partner you should be with.

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