Astrological Combination of Planets and their effects

Whenever two or more than two planets occupy the same zodiac sign, they either form an optimistic or else an inauspicious combination. This is known as grah yog or yuti as per astrology. This phenomenon is very common in the sky, and when this happens, it results in positive plus negative effects. The results will also vary from signs to signs.

When two benefice plants combine, the result is always auspicious. However, if a benefic planet combines with a malefic planet, then the sign starts losing its auspiciousness to a certain extent. These effects will depend on the sign the plants are moving into and thus will have both positive, as well as adverse effects.

In case both the planets are negative, then the combination becomes extremely damaging for the sign that the planets are travelling to. It is better to speak to a recognized astrologer who will explain all this to you in detail.

Let’s give an example. When the Sun and Moon combine in a sign, it always happens on the day of a new moon, which is known as Amavasya tithi. During Amavasya tithi, the Moon is not visible, making this planet extremely weak. Now any planet which comes to a proximity of 11 degrees to the Sun, the other planet usually becomes combust because of the powerful rays of the Sun. Now, when Sun and Moon combine together, it leads to trade in iron and stones. Other outcomes are birth of good artistic talent, ability to sculpture, and finally understanding of Vastu Shashtra.

In this combination, the planet Sun represents the soul, whereas the Moon represents the mind. As per astrology, Moon is the status of a queen, whereas the Sun is the status of a king, and when these two planets combine, the outcomes are always good. However, readers may note that the result will depend on “Yuti” that is taking place in the horoscope.

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