Uranus in Aries, A Neo-Vedic View

Being a Neo-Vedic astrologer, I use the external planets, which are Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto in their sidereal spots (Lahiri ayanamsha). Still, I hardly assign incapacity, dignity, or rulership to them. When it comes to natal readings, I use them only when they come in close contacts natally; else they travel to the traditional angles, which are the Kendra cups of the chart. I then use them in the chart element study, ascribing one point to each of them in their relevant signs. As per astrology, the outer planets play a crucial role as they represent the collective forces. I, in particular, oversee their transit concerning various horoscopes. The reasons why the transit of these outer planets is so essential is that they move relatively slower in comparison to the grahas, thereby representing semi-generational or generational cycles. These are much larger than those of the grahas.

As per Dr Harness, the palm leaf reveals the jyotishi’s of Kali Yuga, and this needs to be decoded, as it signifies the significant meaning of powerful grahas. It was great hearing a traditional Indian jyotishi talk about the influence of outer planets with such open mind. As per contemporary western astrologers, they believe that the external planets were discovered in the past when the significance of these external planets became useful to the ethos of the time. In simpler words, these outer planets were found in the past era, and the circumstances around the discovery of these planets clearly reflected the astrological qualities.

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