Boris Horoscopes! Astrology Predictions

Boris is probably one of the most popular politicians that have been written about in the 21st century. Well, we must thank his overloaded Gemini for this, which is the sign ruling newspaper, autobiographies, and biographies, and more. Well, Gemini talks a lot and a lot more than you can imagine.

Here in this horoscope, we are going to talk about Boris, his chances of an election in the year 2019 and 2010, and also how this new Prime Minister is going to be. Here goes our true prediction.

Astrology already predicted Brexit’s opinion poll that happened on February 22nd, 2016, that the Britishers are going to vote only for Remain and Boris Johnson’s had no chance of winning this pole.

If we go a little past, which is the English Civil War, astrology has been proving itself repeatedly. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any surprise that astrology works really when it comes to the nation.

Astrology’s prediction of Theresa May

Theresa May’s prediction has also been predicted by astrology back in 2018, November 14th. As per astrology, Theresa May was going to resign by July, and the unpopular prime minister resigned on June 7th, and the media wasted no time in announcing that the new leader’s name would be announced by 23rh July.

Few things to know about the Halloween deadline

Theresa May suggested that the deadline would be by Halloween, which is October 31st. If we go by this, astrology already predicted this back in 2018, which we must say was spot on. Another prediction that was made was crossing different obstacles from June 23rd to July 1st, 2019.

Astrology predicted that by September 22nd and until 29th, Britain would face significant obstacles, and this is the time when everyone should be holding candles and pray. The reason? Well, Gemini-Sagittarius would be face to face, and they are poles apart in terms of their attributes.

Astrology revealed that Brexit would come to an end by September 2019. The most challenging part would be Ceres being on 17th of Sagittarius, which will begin from October 11th and will go on till October 13th. There will be some compromises, and unfortunately, everyone will have to agree with it.

You can say that September 2019 is actually the real goodbye for Brexit; however, the firm grip for the deal cut is happening in October 2019.

On September 25th, the entire nation may see the crucial peace agreement taking place because Mercury will be on 17th of Libra, while Jupiter will be at 17th Sagittarius and Neptune will come close to 16th Pieces.

October 2019- The day for the deal cut!

All of this was already published way back on November 14th, 2018; however, Theresa May announced all this only on April 11th. Horoscope can predict many future events.

As soon as September starts, the entire nation will be seen to be in a hurry. You can forget about waiting until Halloween for something to happen.

What about Johnson, Hunt, Gove, and Farage?

Now, let’s talk about Prime Minister Johnson. Will Jeremy Hunt, who is the rival, will just disappear from the scene completely? And should we forget about Michael Grove and Nigel Farage completely? But here’s what astrology has predicted, none of these names should be forgotten, as we are going to see a fresh start or rather, we should say a radical fresh start for Britain by the year 2021. This will happen because of New Age Aquarius. The power will not depend on just one man or woman, preferably to an entire team of unusual players.

Get ready to see many faces and many parties by the new Westminster

Johnson seems to be heading towards this direction. He has a team of many non-white faces and females. However, it would be quite interesting to see how all this is going to look like by Christmas 2020 because we can New Age Aquarius coming into play as well.

The results will be quite fascinating because we can see Aquarius be in the thinking place in Britain. You can get over only white parties or only male parties with some fixated rules. All this is going to change.

The winning government that we will have from December 2020 will include some widely diverse Britons and not just some usual conservative faces that you see. You will see people of all ages and backgrounds. And the one crucial thing that will unite all of these people with different personalities is climate emergency.

Neptune in Pieces has been predicted to cause some flooding, and this means that there will be increasing sea levels. We all know that Britain is already melting, and so is Britons. Climate change is happening, and something must be done about it. And to fix the climate emergency issues, we can’t rely on just a two-party system; we will need the entire world to think as one-world.

Apart from this, we are also seeing history repeating itself, which is uncanny. We see that the Abdication crisis, which happened in the last century, where the crown was sacrificed in the name of love, might be repeated. Well, in the past, this was indeed necessary in order to haul in politics.

The upcoming election will finally put an end to the two-party system in the United Kingdom. Given that we are going to see a cross-party government, there will undoubtedly be some mayhem. We need to be really careful about the mad Mercury dates. We predict a few election dates for the UK.

  • 2019 June 20th to August 14th
  • 2019 October 11th to December 8th
  • 2020 February 2nd to March 30th
  • 2020 June 18th to July 26th
  • 2020 September 23rd to November 20th

Boris astrology in detail

As per the record, Boris Johnson’s full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, and he was born on June 19th, 1964. His birth timing is 02:00 pm. If this information is correct, we have his natal chart with us with B Rodden ratting. However, we are still not convinced that he was born precisely at 02:00 pm because hardly any babies are born at the exact hour.

No one from his family has claimed that his birth timing to be true or false, but looking at the sexually obsessive Scorpio traits, we guess the timing is correct. This explains a lot of why he has had such a complicated love life with Petronella, Marina, and Allegra. Boris, as per his biography, states that all these females were faithful to him, while he wasn’t.

As per astrology, Boris should get away from all of this by December 2019 the first week. However, he should watch out because his karma starts from May 2020 and will dominate his life until 2021, and we don’t think he will be over it by 2022. So, the past life that he is kept secretive for so long might not really remain secretive after all.

In the years 2020 and 2021, and close to his birthday, Boris needs to be prepared because he might have to deal with past lovers, partners, and enemies! Whatever Boris has done in the past will come back to him.

We see Gemini overloaded in the Boris chart

It seems like that, as per Boris chart, he was born with extremely high horoscope factors in Gemini. London, as you might not know, is the city of Gemini, and Boris became part of this Gemini city when he became a Mayor. September 2019 was predicted to be not a good time for anyone. This was not the right time for global expansion, foreign trade, or anything that has to do with holidays.

What people should watch out for is karma that will cloud Britain from May 6th, 2020, and will be there till January 18th, 2022. The protective attributes of Jupiter will vanish from Britain during this time. And this is the reason why we said; the nation will be accounting its past. Therefore, Boris needs to be careful about the past relationship with Europe and even the United States. What will be interesting to see here is whether Boris will be able to survive all that or not?

According to the prediction, Boris will be taking up the job on Mercury Retrograde, which means there will be some reshuffles. So, be prepared to see some reshuffles in terms of ministerial and cabinet team. Until Mercury is entirely out of the scene, chaos is bound to last for some time. Some of the issues that will come under limelight are- telephone problems, wrong announcements, reversals, standstills, hacking, and more.

Boris horoscope and Pieces weather

As Johnson accepts his power as the new Conservative leader strictly at 11.40 am, dated July 23rd 2019, Neptune that can be seen passing by the 18th Pieces will come in conjecture with Boris’s at 18th Pieces, and that too at the Twelfth House. This is extremely important. This will involve the fishing industry. Now, we talked about the 12th House, right, so this is basically where his relationship with the inner demons, his God, and his soul will come into display. We know for a fact that there is a lot of fishy business going on with Brexit and Boris. And this is happening quite literally as the rights of the fishermen in France, Britain, and everywhere on the island have always remained very mysterious.

Will 2021 change everything?

Yes, a lot of things are going to change in 2021. We will see Britain in a different color. This will be the age of New Age Aquarius. Hence, instead of one particular ruler, we will witness teams. Teams will consist of people of different races, genders, and ages, all coming together as one. Let the election time come, and everything will be sealed. The new United Kingdoms will be set free from kings; there won’t be any 20th-century ideas; however, there will be the impact of the collection of the unity of different interest groups. The future will belong to non-white, females, old and young, and people belonging to all classes.

Just some final words

By May 6th, 2020, we will see the Sun at 15th Taurus, Uranus will be at the 15ht of Taurus, Mars will be at the 15th of Pieces, and then Chiron will be at 15th of Aries. You can expect to see some significant changes in Boris’s share market, business, taxation, banking, charity, and even in his property. Want to know the reason why well, he was born with Neptune at `5th of Scorpio opposite Jupiter at 15 Taurus.

By May 6th 2022. Boris Johnson will make his accountant off his or her chair too, and trust us on this; this will become a headline. Boris will be challenged to rethink about his own finances. He might feel perplexed, and question himself is whatever he knew is even true. These changes will not just affect Boris, but everyone around him, his nation, and millions of millions of people who are born with this kind of Scorpio placement.

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