Solstice Blessings

The summer season begins when the sun is at its peak, letting everyone enjoy most of the daylight. However, when the sun is at its base, you start receiving a lesser amount of light, and this happens during the winter season. The solstice mark begins when the sun completes the most extreme declination and seems to stop for three days before changing course. Thus, the expression “solstice”. Solstice originates from the Latin word solstitium: sol = sun, and stitium/statum = “to make a stop.”

Often coined as midsummer night, the summer solstice is related to the first harvest, representing time to pause, appreciate, and also enjoy everything that has been created in the last six months. This is the time to stop for a while and evaluate your progress in life. Take some time to reflect on it, and also make all the necessary changes that are needed to live a good life. The three days on either side of the solstice are supercharged with subtleness and spiritual energy. However, the same three days also reflect some tremor. Therefore, people must stay focused and grounded. We must pay extra attention to our physical and mental health during the summer months.

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